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Wedding Photography


Your wedding should be the most memorable event in your lives.


No other occasion demands so much expenditure of both time and effort as the organization of your wedding.


The bride’s dress is chosen only after viewing and rejecting numerous creations, the reception venue is booked after visiting many hotels, the vehicles are selected after viewing many cars from vintage to modern.


You will both look a picture and your families will be so proud of you!


It is important that you have a really good photographic record because when the cake has been eaten, the wine has been drunk, and the flowers have gone, only the photographs will remain to remind you of your wonderful day.


Wedding photography is one of the most demanding areas of professional photography.


The wedding photographer has to turn non-professional models into stars, using whatever locations are presented to him in any prevailing weather conditions and do all this in minimum time. At the same time he/she should be the sort of person you would choose to invite to this, your most joyous day.


Take your time, research diligently and you will be well rewarded.

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